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This is an exclusive area of my web site where you can find out more about my knitted designs, what inspires me, how I work and what I like (and don't like) to design. 

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  1. IMG_5891

    I had the joy of staying on an Alpaca farm near Aylesbury a few weekends ago. As well as hosting Alpaca walks, selling Alpaca yarn and kits, the farm also allow up to 5 caravans or motorhomes to stay on the farm too!

    Here's a close up of the female Alpaca's who resided in the field next to our motorhome, 9 of which were heavily pregnant and about to give birth any day! I was tempted to stay until this happened but talking to the farm owner he informed me that they could 'hang' on for a few weeks until they felt really safe and the weather was warm enough. 



    Of course I just had to buy some Alpaca Yarn ......... and design a hat! You will find the kit available on Abbots Alpaca Views web site  in the next few weeks. In the meantime I have a couple available here

  2. Something I’ve wanted to do for a long long time is colour yarn with plant dyes straight from my garden. With a little help from local natural dyeing expert Ruth from the Loft Space in Slaithwaite and lots of reading I have now produced my 1st batch of natural dyed yarns. I’ve created them into approx 25 gram mini skeins so you can use to add “the feminine touch” to your knitwear. These muted subtle colours also work together really well so would look good in any colourwork project.
    Personally I really loved using plant stuff that was ready to go on the compost heap and using it to dye my yarn. Loved keeping things environmentally friendly.
    Win win situation.
    Researched and all these should be colour fast.


    The mini skeins are available from my web site at £4 each or £20 for 7 (that's less than £3 each if buying all shades).
    The plants used in the dyeing process are listed with each shade.