Published Designs

Sandra has  extended her portfolio of work beyond designing and creating feminine knits which she sells on line.

She says:

A few years ago I was a knitter for Wool and the Gang.  I gained a big insight in to following knitting patterns to the letter, the importance of tension swatches and taking measurements as you go along and finally getting that professional finish when seaming.  

From here I took the big leap into designing my own knits, getting inspiration from the world around me, learning about pattern layout, grading patterns, tech editing and test knitting. 

I now design and write my own knitting patterns which I sell here and on various knitting pattern web sites, like Ravelry and Love Knitting.

I have had a number of patterns published in UK knitting magazines , "Knit Now" , "Simply Knitting" and "The Knitter"  plus a couple in  USA "Knit Picks" e-books. I intend to get more published during the next few years. 

If you follow me on facebook you will have noticed how I am always passing on knitting tips / free tutorials and generally good advise on to all you knitters out there. I am also compiling a list of knitting tips, links to web sites that I have used and still use to improve my knitting and designing skills. This is my list, which I add to on a regular basis. Why don't you bookmark it? and use it as your own list.  If you want me to add new web pages to the list, just contact me , if you want to know how to do something specific, then just let me know and I'll go off and do my research and either add to the list or write something up specially for you. 

I have started selling some of my designs in knitting kits. Using yarns that I can source locally from my own village here in Yorkshire, England I can bring together the right yarns for my patterns. So you, the knitter don't have to think about what kind of yarn is suitable for the patterns you love. You can see the end result and think heh ! I want to knit that and end up with it looking just like that ! Here are some of my kits. 


Sandra x