Does your organisation or Yarn shop want to provide workshops or training using one of Sandra's knitting patterns?  

If so, contact her to discuss prices for a license for a limited period or ongoing basis.

Knitting Pattern License

A non-exclusive standard license will allow any organisations customer's to use the patterns for personal or non-commercial uses. 

The patterns are not unique to the organisation and they will still be available for other customers to purchase

The patterns are royalty-free and can be used worldwide and in a perpetual basis.

Pattern support by Sandra Nesbitt will be made available via email.

The patterns cannot be duplicated, modified, sub-licensed or resold to third parties. All designs remain the Copyright of Sandra Nesbitt. Non other than Sandra Nesbitt can claim to be authors of the pattern design.

The patterns will be made available via email within 24 hours of purchase and will be in the form of a pdf file.