Free Mosaic Charts

Each row on the charts represents two rows of knitting, a right side row which generally is knitted and the following wrong side row which is generally purled. The Right side row is indicated with an odd number at the right hand side of the chart and works from right to left. The wrong side row (indicated by an even number at the left hand side of the chart) brings the same colour back to the right hand edge of the knitting, The mosaic colour work is formed by slipping stitches purlwise so that the colour of the previous row is now included on the row you are working on. 

Each chart will show how many stitches and how many rows to work. The swatches show the  number of stitches worked 3 times (ie if there are 12 stitches in the pattern then the swatch is for 36 stitches) and the number of rows 3 times (ie if there are 12 rows in the pattern then the swatch is for 36 rows). Then you can see the overall effect of the pattern repeated vertically and horizontally.

Charts & swatch 12 stitches x 12 rows