1 Colour Brioche

Deepen your knitting repertoire with the stretchy and stunning brioche stitch worked in a single color. It isn’t as hard as you think! This traditional technique consists of slipped stitches, work 2-togethers and yarn overs to create a springy, double-sided fabric that is fully reversible.  You can work this fabric either flat (on 2 needles) with lovely striaght selvedge edges or in the round on circular needles. The basic principle is the same. Get swatching & practising and you'll soon love it as much as me!

Free Pattern

2 hat kit

Infinity scarf kit

Working in the Round

Well up to now , the swatch and the patterns just use 2 new stitches, the SL!YO & BRK which we have been using on every row. However if we want to knit Brioche in the round we have to start using the BRP stitch (Brioche purl). One round will be worked using the BRK and then the next round will be worked using the BRP (purling together the slipped stitch and the yarn over from the round before).

Click on the image to see the video to help explain this.

Quick Knit Cowl

I've Just started a little brioche cowl for my 4 year old grand daughter. She loved the one I had on last week (a newly knitted one) and asked if I would knit her one but only in the 1 colour! (A lovely purply pink) This is the 1st time she has asked for anything so I thought I’d better get on with it!

Totally made this up.

Working with 2 strands of ice mohair on 4.m circ I’ve cast on 100 sts using long tail cast on.

set up round , *k1, sl1yo ; rep from * to the end

Rnd 1: *sl1yo, brp; Rep from * to the end

Rnd 2: *brk, sl1yo; Rep from * to the end

Repeat Rounds 1 & 2 until the cowl is wide enough and then cast off loosly (on needle one size bigger)

Free Hat Pattern

1 colour brioche rib , no brioche increases or decreases ! knitted flat not in the round.

Could be one to get your teeth into. From Drops , they call the brioche , english rib for some reason.

Free Pattern & Video

This link is specially for knitters new to brioche. A video to watch and a swatch to do. Get into the rhymn, , see if you can do in front of the tv.

Counting Brioche sts/fixing mistakes

Here’s another great page to help you with 1 colour Brioche, video and photo tutorial, how to count Brioche stitch and how to fix mistakes. Get your crochet hooks at the ready!

Free Cowl Pattern

More instructions for 1 colour Brioche (sometimes you need it told by someone else) and a lovely FREE cowl pattern.

I love the colours of this one!

Brioche Stocking Stitch

Yes who knew there was such a thing. What you probably all think of Brioche is actually Brioche rib (brk1,brp1) which makes it reversible. Brioche stocking stitch is where the right side is all brk’s and the wrong side is brp’s

Sandra has designed a number of Brioche patterns that are worked in just 1 colour.

Name (click on name to get to the pattern)

Pattern / Kit

Flat / Round

Increases / Decreases



Simple Brioche Headband
Free Pattern
Worked Flat
1 - Easy
Worked Flat
Garter st
Worked Flat
Inc & Dec
Worked in the Round
Worked Flat
Inc & Dec
Worked Flat
Inc & Dec & Cables

4 - Difficult


All Sandra's patterns are fully tested and tech edited with instructions written out in full and usually charted too.  They will usually be emailed to you wthin 24 hours of purchase. You can email Sandra for help if you do have any issues.