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    I had yet another mandala on my needles last week AND.... I managed to write down the pattern as I went along. So after a few more test knits and triple checking the pattern I'll be making it available to purchase. The photo shows it as I was blocking it and realised it's a little bit too big for the 12" hoop I had. So this one will be bigger and better and will sit on a 14" hoop. I knit it using a colourful DK wool yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners and a very fine mohair yarn. I will be experimenting with a finer 4 ply instead of the DK weight yarn to show you the difference too.    

    So knitters, you'll be able to knit your own soon.  :)

    Scared of working Brioche? I intend to do some more freebie patterns and explanations for you over the next few weeks.     Here is what I have already.
    Learn Brioche here
    In the meantime, how about purchasing one or more of my blank greeting cards that feature 4 of my mandala's? 

    Suitable for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Get Well Soon or just to keep in touch. Any knitting friend would appreciate the beauty and the work involved in the mandala creation.

    The card is printed on 300 gms regular matte finish card and is 14.25cm x 14.25cm square with the mandala covering the whole of the front of the card. The back of the card shows a small image of the mandala with my design details.
    I design and create the mandala's using Brioche knitting, a technique that I'm in love with. It's a process that I really don't have to think about once I've worked out an initial starting plan, the design just comes to life. I have to stick to one or two rules to create the circular shape but after that anything goes. To finish I block and stretch the mandala out and attach to an embroidery hoop.  

    Boardwalk or Compass Cove Cushion?

    I designed this beautiful nautical cushion cover back in 2019 for The Knitter magazine and it was published in issue 152 in June 2020.

    When putting my idea to the editor of the Knitter  I said:

    This square (14” x 14”) cushion is knit mainly in stocking stitch with an unusual mix of fair isle and cable work in the centre front panel. The ‘boardwalk’ panel depicts twisting coiled ropes on top of wooden planks either above the ocean or sand dunes depending on the chosen colour scheme. The cushion cover has a simple pillow case back opening and is worked in stocking stitch.

    The inspiration for the cushion was this image
    I love the new name that was given to the cushion, don't you?   In the centre panel I included 2 knitting techniques,  stranded knitting (just a simple knit 1 stitch in 1 colour and then knit the next stitch in another colour) and cabling which takes a couple of the stitches across other some of the other stitches. Both techniques simple on their own for an intermediate knitter but having them together is not too much more effort and what a result!!!

    Want to stick with just 1 technique for now?
    Check out my cable patterns
    Check out my fair isle / stranded knit patterns
    and keep on scrolling to see more of my cushions (patterns and completed knits ready to go) incorporating lots of different techniques, 

    You might even find a FREE pattern in there too!