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  1.  Mandala's, circles, Brioche, Wool, Silk Mohair & mindfulness knitting

    Happy New Year Folks!

    During the Christmas period, after the rush of knitting kit orders I managed to finish my latest lace and slip stitch design for 'The Knitter' magazine (more about this in a few months).

    Once done I decided to work on an idea that had been brewing in my head for some time, Knitted Mandala's.  

    mandala (Sanskrit for “circle”) is an artistic representation of higher thought and deeper meaning given as a geometric symbol used in spiritual, emotional, or psychological work to focus one's attention. The image first appears in India via the Hindu text known as the Rig Veda c. 1500 - c. 500 BCE but has been used by cultures around the world in many different periods up to the present.

    The details of the meaning of a given mandala depend on the individual creating or observing the image, but mandalas in every culture serve, more or less, the same purpose of centering an individual or community on a given narrative in order to encourage introspection and, ultimately, an awareness of one's place and purpose in the world; this awareness then allows for peace of mind.

    I design and create the mandala's using Brioche knitting, a technique that I'm in love with. It's a process that I really don't have to think about once I've worked out an initial starting plan, the design just comes to life. I have to stick to one or two rules to create the circular shape but after that anything goes. To finish I block and stretch the mandala out and attach to an embroidery hoop.  No doubt I'll be creating more of these over the next few months so make sure you come back to see my progress. 

    Please come along to my social media channels or reply to this email to let me know your thoughts on these.
    I'm quietly amazed at these little beauties myself. 

  2. I received this great photo yesterday from one of the Big Rainbow knitters we had been working with during the summer. Seems she had taken one of the mosaic rainbow patterns (free at the time) and incorporated it into her lovely stocking stitch sweater. I just love how knitters can do this, just take a stitch pattern that they love and make it part of a bigger design. Pauline has definitely got something that reminds her of the highlight of her summer. 

    Working on the Big Rainbow Knit was certainly the highlight of my summer too and one of my greatest achievements throughout the Covid pandemic. 

    All the patterns that were used for the BIG Rainbow knit are included in the ebooklet. 14 chapters of patterns and inspirational ideas as to how you can use them in your own projects.


    Wonder where I got the Big Rainbow pattern from? I designed this Festive Forest Christmas cushion for the Simply Knitting magazine back in 2016. A little tweak to the pattern and it became relevant for our Big Rainbow Knit.

    Christmas Star Kits - limited availability

    As a special treat for you this Christmas I have put together a limited number of these cool Christmas kits.   Small balls of Christmas coloured yarns have been randomly put  together in an organza bag. You will get 4 or 5 small balls in total weighing between 75 and 100grams.

    2 organza bags full of yarn PLUS 2 printed instructions. 

    Why don't you buy one for yourself to knit some pretty Christmas star decorations and then gift the other kit to one of your knitting friends. 

    Christmas Star Kits - 2 kits for £6 plus postage BARGAIN
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    I have added more!
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