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  1. Boardwalk or Compass Cove?

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    Boardwalk or Compass Cove Cushion?

    I designed this beautiful nautical cushion cover back in 2019 for The Knitter magazine and it was published in issue 152 in June 2020.

    When putting my idea to the editor of the Knitter  I said:

    This square (14” x 14”) cushion is knit mainly in stocking stitch with an unusual mix of fair isle and cable work in the centre front panel. The ‘boardwalk’ panel depicts twisting coiled ropes on top of wooden planks either above the ocean or sand dunes depending on the chosen colour scheme. The cushion cover has a simple pillow case back opening and is worked in stocking stitch.

    The inspiration for the cushion was this image
    I love the new name that was given to the cushion, don't you?   In the centre panel I included 2 knitting techniques,  stranded knitting (just a simple knit 1 stitch in 1 colour and then knit the next stitch in another colour) and cabling which takes a couple of the stitches across other some of the other stitches. Both techniques simple on their own for an intermediate knitter but having them together is not too much more effort and what a result!!!

    Want to stick with just 1 technique for now?
    Check out my cable patterns
    Check out my fair isle / stranded knit patterns
    and keep on scrolling to see more of my cushions (patterns and completed knits ready to go) incorporating lots of different techniques, 

    You might even find a FREE pattern in there too!
  2. Another cool way of creating 2 coloured knitting

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    If you find "Stranded Knitting" a little too complicated and fiddly or you just want to try a new way of working with 2 colour's then why not try mosaic (slip stitch knitting). I came across this way of knitting colourwork only a few years ago and was totally mesmorised!  and I have ended up creating a number of  original patterns since then.  This technique involves only knitting with 1 colour of yarn at a time, so there is no twisting or entanglement of yarns to worry about and you end up with a professional neatness to the wrong side of your work. 

    The flower motif pattern I use in my logo is one of my first designs and is still my favourite. If you want to learn mosaic, then I explain how the flower motif pattern is worked in one of my free tutorials here. 

    There are also some FREE mosaic charts that you can incorporate in to your own designs. How about a plain stocking stitch cardigan with a band of mosaic instead of the ribbing at the bottom. 


    Today I'm going to share some of my original mosaic designs with you.
      A mixture of patterns, kits and finished knits.


    My latest design is this original kit which is available in 2 choices of yarn. 
    1. 6 colours of Stylecraft natural cotton yarn as in the finished blanket    £16 
    2. 6 colours of West Yorkshire spinners Bopeep luxury baby yarn (wool/nylon)   £27

    Want double the size? then order qty of 2 and I'll refund you £3 for the pattern price.


    All over mosaic patterns are great on cushions! and a band of mosaic on the Christmas cushion is really fetching.


    The 'Slip & Switch' Infiity Scarf knitting Kit. Worked on 4.5mm needles and uses West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLab 100% wool yarn.  Available in other colour combos too.
    Free UK shipping in my Etsy store
    Learn Mosaic Slip Stitch Here