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    Despite the expression, “It’s the thought that counts,” many people continue to worry about what kind of gifts that are considered appropriate. This article takes a look at why handmade presents should be considered as the perfect gift for someone very close to you.

    Nothing shows love and affection more than a handmade gift

    A handmade gift gives the message that you have taken the time and made the effort to create something special. Is easy to give money or just buy a gift from a shop, but not many people are willing to invest energy to actually make something special for a loved one or friend. Holidappy says a handmade gift is infused with love, because it’s made solely made by the person giving the present. 

    Handmade gifts are unique

    For those who are worried about what kind of gift to give to someone who seems to have everything, UCreate suggests that handmade gifts are a great option because they are unique, so you can guarantee that the present that you will be offering will not look like anything they have ever received before. 

    Additionally, since you will be making the gift, you have the freedom to personalise it according to what the recipient likes and needs, from the actual item itself, to its colours and patterns. You don’t even have to worry about settling for the last gift on the shelf, because you have the freedom to determine how your gift will look. 

    Handmade gifts are environmentally-friendly

    Commercially-made products are made in factories that emit a lot of pollution. Crafting your own gifts mean that you will not be adding to your carbon footprint. Furthermore, you can use recycled items to create your gift. 

    Handmade gifts allow you to save money

    Popular UK gaming site Foxy Bingo have been publishing posts from their lucky mascot Foxy entitled ‘What Would Foxy Do’. In one of the latest ones, the furry character suggested that handmade gifts are a thoughtful and thrifty way of showing that you care. After all, materials like yarn are much cheaper compared to buying a shawl or a sweater. 

    Handmade gifts are more durable compared to commercially-made products

    Handmadeology feel that hand-made gifts are built to last, unlike commercial products that fall apart after a few uses. So it’s important you choose high-quality materials, and you can also take the time and care needed to guarantee good craftsmanship. 

    Handmade gifts mean avoiding long checkout lines

    If you have ever had the shop during the holiday season, you know just how crazy the checkout lines can be. By making your own gifts, you don’t have to worry about the stress and tiredness that comes with lining up for several hours just to get a couple of items from the store. Just make sure you don’t get your craft supplies at the last minute, because you may end up having to worry about lining up AND creating then having to rush to create your gift due to the delay.