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3 small bowls

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Pottery and Mindfulness Crafting: My Journey to Inner Peace

In today's fast-paced world, finding creative outlets that fosters mindfulness has been incredibly rewarding for me
Earlier this year I decided to join a pottery class at The Clay Mill in Slaithwaite where I could start to learn the craft in a 6 week course (1 afternoon a week),

 The process of shaping clay whilst it's spinning on the wheel brought me a profound sense of calm and satisfaction. I was surprised how the process did just take over my mind and empty it out; it stopped the niggly thinking and agitation.

Learning to Spin on the Wheel

My journey began with learning to spin on the potters wheel. This practice demanded focus and patience as I centered the clay and guided it with steady hands. The rhythmic motion of the wheel and the tactile sensation of the clay beneath my fingers created a deeply immersive experience. 

3 Small Bowls

I started with throwing small bowls, a perfect introduction to pottery. These manageable projects allowed me to practice and refine my techniques without feeling overwhelmed. As I molded and shaped each piece, I experimented with different forms and sizes, finding joy in the imperfections and unique qualities of each creation. 

Playing with Colors

Once my bowls were formed and dried, the next step was to play with colors. Selecting glazes and mixing hues allowed me to express my creativity and individuality. The anticipation of seeing how the colors would transform in the kiln added an element of excitement and wonder. 

Painting the Glaze On

With each brushstroke, I lost myself in the gentle rhythm of applying the glaze. This act of painting encouraged mindfulness, as I focused on the texture and coverage of the glaze, ensuring each piece was evenly coated. 

Waiting for Results

The final stage of pottery was perhaps the most challenging for me: waiting for the results. Once my glazed bowls were placed in the kiln, I had to wait for the firing process to complete. When the kiln was finally opened, the sense of anticipation and excitement was unparalleled, as I witnessed the transformation of my creations.


Pottery has become more than just a craft for me; it is a journey of mindfulness and self-discovery. From the initial steps of learning to spin on the wheel to the final reveal of my glazed creations, each stage offered an opportunity to practice presence, patience, and creativity. 

I MUST join the classes again in September.

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