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I didn't realise

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I didn't realise..............

That it would be so difficult to get my new greeting cards seen by people. I know that they are really pretty and will be appreciated by the recipient. I also know that 'knitters' will really get the time and effort that's gone in to the original design and knit. What I didn't realise is that there are thousands and thousands of greeting cards on line. How do I get mine seen? Any ideas? Can you help by sharing or passing this email on to some of your knitting friends? 

Each greeting card is printed on 300 gms regular matte finish card and is 14.25cm x 14.25cm square with the mandala covering the whole of the front of the card. The back of the card shows a small image of the mandala with my design details. The cards come with a simple white envelope and are cellophane wrapped to keep clean. I've left the inside of the card blank so it's suitable for Birthdays, Mothers Day, Get Well Soon or just to keep in touch.

Each card is priced at £3.50 with free UK shipping.  I do have a limitation on the web site where I can't offer free UK shipping AND a shipping charge for outside the UK. So if this is you, just let me know and I'll find a way of charging you the price of shipping to your country separately.

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Yes! It's finished and SOLD already! Honestly these mandala's are much prettier when you can see them in the flesh so to speak. The fine mohair that is used as the background colour really makes the work look so delicate and pretty. So this one is sold to one of my knitting friends, she has seen and admired some of the mandala's I've been showing her and was just waiting for the right one (right colours I presume) to pop up.  If you are admiring and wondering whether I can complete one in your preferred colour combination then just let me know.

I still haven't written up or tested the pattern yet though. It's going to take a little time before my brain feels up to it.  

If you live local (West Yorkshire) you can see some of the mandala's in the window of my local post office (Slaithwaite). Greeting cards are also available in the post office.

I design and create the mandala's using Brioche knitting, a technique that I'm in love with. It's a process that I really don't have to think about once I've worked out an initial starting plan, the design just comes to life. I have to stick to one or two rules to create the circular shape but after that anything goes. To finish I block and stretch the mandala out and attach to an embroidery hoop. 

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