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Where to hang your mandala art work

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Sandra, I really like your mandala's but wouldn't know where to hang one!
This is the exclamation I received last night at the local weekly knit and natter I go to. And you know what, I've had the same issue myself. I always do with art work, I fall in love with a piece but I can't visualise how it will look in situ so I don't buy.
Firstly, with the mandala's, they are small!  ranging from 7 inch to 12 inch across, so they aren't major art pieces. But they are very versatile, most of them look equally pleasing on the reverse side and most look amazing in windows. You don't need to hang them either, they will stand propped up on a mantlepiece for example or blue tacked on to cupboards. So use these properties to your advantage, even to the point of being able to move them around your house and even move them outside in the summer months. 

Below you can see how I have hung my mandala in the feature window, which brings even more attention to it's beauty.  The other mandala has been placed in a small patterned glass window..

Above I've hung a 12" mandala on the staircase wall, it's not a big space and does warrant something to brighten the space up.

Another 12 " mandala I've hung above a small fireplace in one of the bedrooms. A fireplace is usually the focal point of the room so displaying a mandala above it will really show it off. Remember the mandala's currently only go up to 12" across so it needs to be small stylish fireplace.

You need to be choosing narrow wall areas, such as a stair landing, an alcove, next to a window or cupboard. or even hanging from a cupboard door for your mandala. 

2 different places for the peacock feathers mandala, one in the window and then on a teal coloured wall.
Photo shows the 2 different sides to 2 mandala's
On a personal note......

When it got to the end of January I decided that one month to start on a new idea was enough. January was 'mandala month'. I had created enough mandala's to determine the response, decide whether to write up a pattern later on in the year & decide whether to offer a personalisation service where potential customers could choose the sort of design and colours they wanted in their artwork.

I imagine more mandala's WILL get created soon  xx

I'm still not in a designing mood though so this morning I got out of my stash 400 grams of Rowan Creative Linen and spent a good few hours searching on line for a pattern. To ensure a successful outcome I chose a pattern that had been created specifically for the yarn, a simple sleeveless top, one that I knew I would wear. It's nothing outstanding, won't tax my creative juices but will keep my fingers busy.
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