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I love knitting in 2 colours. Do you?

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Usually I write to you about my love for 2 coloured Brioche or colourful mosaic knitting, which because they are knitting techniques I just picked up these last few years they come to mind as being my favourites. 

But I also love stranded knitting too, by using two strands of yarn at a time it enables me to create wonderful patterns in the knitted fabric. Stranded knitting also creates fabrics that are warmer and more durable than single-color knitting. In my designs I only use two colors in each row, and only one strand is used at a time. This makes the knitting relatively easy, even for a newcomer to stranded knitting.  
Today I'm going to highlight some of the stranded knitting designs that I have created over the last few years PLUS my latest kit - The Alexandria Mittens. 
The Alexandria Mittens are worked in the round, starting off at the cuff and working towards the fingertips. This gives you the chance to just concentrate on working the stranded pattern until you get to the very end. Once you do get to the end I talk you through grafting the fingertips and adding the thumb. 
Fair Isle: Made famous by knitwear from Fair Isle, one of the islands of Scotland, the Fair Isle technique is one form of stranded colorwork. Fair Isle is typified by its use of symmetrical geometric motifs, two-ply Shetland yarn, and muted, sophisticated colors.
Scandinavian: Stranded colorwork originating in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland) is very different from Fair Isle, though the knitting techniques are similar. Scandinavian colorwork is distinctive in its large, often asymmetrical motifs, three-ply yarn construction, and bright, clear colors.
The Christmas star pattern looks great worked in Christmas colours ! but why not try sparkly yarns in colours to match your decor.
Click on the photo above to download the Christmas decoration pattern - only £1.50
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