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KAL heads up

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I have felt like reaching out to my little band of followers over the last few weeks as I've seen the Corona Virus spreading across the globe. I have not really known what to say though.

Tonight in the UK we have just been told that all pubs, nightclubs, cafes and bars are shutting their doors. It will quickly become apparent here in the UK that we need to take this crisis very seriously. I think tomorrow it will be a different world for us here. 
A world where we are responsible for keeping ourselves and those around us safe whilst keeping those around us at a distance, weird.... .
A world where we have to find new ways of entertaining ourselves and where we have more time to be entertained.
A world where we have to meet over the internet, get married with no guests and not be able to fly to exotic places.
A world where we can take delight in the views around us, rejoice when we hear the birds singing in the morning and look forward to the flowering of the spring bulbs.
A world where we have the time to read those books we wanted to read, learn the new language we always wanted to learn, finish all those knitting wip's!   (only joking!)
I plan to use this time and opportunity to get know some of you better; create a little group of knitters that want to learn new techniques whilst chatting about our troubles and our news.   I have decided to design and knit a mystery KAL (Knit Along). This will be a limited edition KAL using some lovely 100% wool yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners. You will need to purchase the yarn from me. Once purchased a section of the KAL pattern will be emailed to you on a regular basis (as quick as I can design and knit) and you will get access to an exclusive facebook group, where we will chat, swap photos, talk through the pattern, find new ways of doing things and generally help each other along with the project. 

The KAL pattern itself is free, you will just pay for the yarn. All I ask is that you come along to the group and join in. It should be fun and a great learning experience.  

The KAL facebook group is set up and waiting for you! . Just let me know if you want to join in.


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