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Hat Review

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 p1130358   Review of Cable Hat Kit 10/01/2017


I received this great review from one of my repeat customers. I don't normally show off about this , but there is a great tip in what she writes so I thought I would share.

Here's what she said-


Pattern:  Clearly written and easy to follow.  Good for anyone who wants to try cabling for the first time.  I’ve been knitting for a while but didn’t have to look up any additional instructions.

Yarn:  Lovely and soft.  Colours were true to pictures and easy to knit.  Knitted up fairly quickly.

End result: A really lovely cosy hat.  I will definitely be repeating this pattern.

Would do differently:

Although I’ve been knitting for quite a long time, I hadn’t really used circular needles before.  I was anxious to start this kit and took it on holiday with me in September.  I found a yarn store and bought a 5mm circular needle.  OK, I wasn’t thinking clearly and it was about a metre long!  Obviously, this wasn’t going to work.  I did have a set of DPN needles with me and tried this but … they were only 6” long.  After completing about half of the hat I ripped it all back – the stitches kept falling from the ends of the needles.  Eventually, returning from my holiday I bought an 80cm circular needle – the perfect size for this hat.  After all of  the pfaffing about, this hat was knitted over 2 evenings.  I did finish the last few decreasing rows on DPNs. The only thing I wasn’t so keen on was all the ‘shuffling’ of stitches you have to do when using circular needles although you probably just get used to this.

 Lessons learned: Use the right tools for the job!

Isn't that great, to think she had never used circular needles before AND managed to complete the hat in 2 evenings ! What a star .... and for posting a great review too. Thanks xx 






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