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Finally made it ! I'm a Knitwear Designer

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Phew! little did I realise, that when I met up with 2 other knitting craftsy people last October in York that with their help I would make it in to the word of Knitwear designing , yet here I am!


I met Emma and Nicola on the Etsy site (all 3 of us sell knitted goods on the site) and as the 3 of us lived in Yorkshire we decided to meet up, just for a little chin wag over coffee and cakes and also to have a play at "yarn bombing" .

Things progressed for me from our chats that day.

I've made changes to my web site to reflect ideas that Nicola gave me about her sucessful web site Truly Scrumptious knitted Food  but most importantly I took on board both their comments about writing up and selling knitting patterns on-line.  

You see, about 90% of all the knitting I do to sell in my Etsy shop and now here on my web site are all my own designs, I conjure up a design in my head, scribbling  notes and calculations down as I knit along. 

So how I take those ideas and scribbles and transform them in to well tested and documented knitting patterns?

Well I used some of the skills I already had and used them to my advantage. I have spent most of my working life in Information Technology, analysing and developing computer programs , testing them, writing up user guides and training people how to use them. I could simply transfer those skills to the development of knitting patterns. Instead of writing instructions in a computer language I'm writing instructions in knitting jargon and all the time making sure that all the maths still made sense, still added up. As long as the finished article fitted and all the people that tested the instructions got the same end result then that was a success.  Ah Ah !

It was Emma that pointed me to the Ravelry site, where I now sell on my all patterns. She showed me how I could find test knitters, those people that were willing to test out my patterns for me.  She explained the process I needed to go through and tested one or two of my patterns for me. 

Since October 2014 til now in June 2015 I have managed to self publish over 20 knitting patterns. Some were existing patterns where I had sold the finished garment on Etsy and had knitted a few times, others were new designs. In the process I have even taught myself a new knitting techique and come up with some brilliant unique designs using this technique.  I will talk about these in further blog postings on here, maybe throwing in a few free designs for my readers too. 

knitnowissue48 both patterns


And then at the end of last month, 2 of my patterns were published in issue 48 of the UK knitting magazine Knit Now.  You can find out more about that here and I'm sure I will natter some more about these 2 patterns, they are simply stunning don't you think.

I believe that truly takes me in to the word of knitwear design.  I wonder what I will conjure up next? Coming back to find out? 

And as this is my very first blog posting on my web site, I thought I would join in the hand craftng communities "Handmade Monday" crafty linky party , to join in the crafty fun. Want to join me?


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  1. What beautiful designs. I love them both, although the mustard seed shawl looks beyond me.

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  2. Well done on your designs :) It's lovely having like minded people that you can meet up with, share ideas and both give and receive a helping hand. Girl power at it's best :) Jan x

    Posted on

  3. Your designs look lovely! I'm looking forward to when I am a bit more confident publishing patterns, but there's nothing like the feeling when you get a Ravelry download is there? :) Lovely to find your blog, hope you enjoy running it! xx

    Posted on

  4. Well done on becoming a Knit Designer. Your designs always amaze me and you are now earning doing what you love best.

    Posted on

  5. Congrats - exciting stuff! And welcome to the world of blogging to add to your other talents!

    Posted on

  6. Free Spirit Designs

    Well done you! Such a great idea to pool your skills, your designs are gorgeous, i'm a long time 'liker' of your Etsy shop :) x

    Posted on

  7. A very big welcome to the handmade Monday blog hop, your post is fabulous and so exciting to read how you're getting your patterns out there and published too!

    Posted on

  8. Emma

    It was great to meet up with you and Nicola. We MUST do it again soon! I love your designs and can't wait to see what is next! x

    Posted on

  9. Well done, Sandra! You have put a lot of effort into this. (now looking forward to a few designs incorporating some handspun elements - which I know you can do well!)

    Posted on

  10. Sandra, I'm a big fan of your art. So glad your designs have now been recognised. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

    Posted on

  11. Really wonderful! You have worked hard, Sandra, and deserve every success! Really delighted to see you selling your patterns and gaining in confidence!

    Posted on

  12. Wow. How fantastic Sandra. Now I can knit but that blows what I can do into insignificance. Love those designs and congrats on getting discovered by the magazine.

    Posted on

  13. Claire

    Congratulations!! Can I get your autograph now before you become really famous!

    Posted on

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