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French Inspired Cowl - Free Pattern

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Earlier on in the year, during May, my fella, Cain (my German Shephered) and I went on our usual excursion through France in our little motorhome. As normal on our excursions I HAVE to find a yarn shop, even though I take loads of balls / skeins with me, you can never have enough!.

 My yarn shop find resulted in me purchasing some Passard yarn; Boheme, Bouba and Sultane, 5 balls in total, all differing colours. Now I'm back home and I've finished all my WIP's I decided to take a look at my purchases and decide what to make.

 Using one 50 gram ball of the Boheme and some contrasting Aran yarn I had already in my stash I came up with this lovely cowl pattern. It is knit using the slip stitch mosaic pattern work that I so love. I'm just hoping you do to as I'm sharing the pattern with you today. 


Instructions for the French Inspired Cowl 

I can just imagine some chic Paris girl wearing one of these statement cowls!  

Bon chic, bon genre (rough translation - Good style , good attitude)


Yarn A - Plassard's Boheme yarn or any chunky yarn

Yarn B - Contrasting Aran yarn

Cast on 29 stitches using 6mm needles and Yarn A

Rows 1 and 2: Knit using Yarn A

Row 3: K1, *K3, Sl 1 wyib, K1, Sl1 wyib; repeat from * to last 4 stitches, K4 with Yarn B

Row 4: P4, *Sl 1 wyif, P1, Sl1 wyif, P3; repeat from * to last st, P1 with Yarn B

Rows 5 and 6: Knit using Yarn A

Row 7: K1, *Sl1 wyib, K1, Sl 1 wyib, K3; repeat from * to last 4 st , Sl1 wyib, K1, Sl1 ywib, K1 with Yarn B

Row 8: P1, Sl1 wyif, P1, Sl1 wyif, *P3, Sl1 wyif, P1, Sl 1 wyif; repeat from * to last st, P1

Repeat rows 1-8 until you run out of yarn ending with row 8.

Cast off  and block gently.

With right sides together join cast on and cast off rows and weave in the ends.




 K            Knit

 P            Purl

 Sl 1 wyib    Slip one stitch with yarn in back of work

 Sl 1 wyif     Slip one stitch with yarn in front of work


 Always slip the stitches purlwise

Pattern chart:-














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  1. Hi Sandra. Our readers will love this. I have included your gorgeous pattern for this cowl in our Crafty Like Granny weekly Craft roundup :) Cheers Emily

    Posted on

  2. Anne Wolf

    I would like to print this cowl pattern but I do not want to print 7 pages to get it. Hello , if you click on the print / pdf button at the top right of the blog post it will convert it in to a print / pdf file without the 2 side panels. So it should be just 2 pages long.

    Posted on

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