Cowls and Infinity Scarves

Traditionally, a cowl is a knitted garment that can be worn over the head and neck. It can be pulled up like a hood , wrapped round snugly round the neck or drooped down like a small scarf. 

My knitted cowls encompass a lot of different styles and different types of yarns.     

Colourful Cowls Available

Wool Cowls Available

Mohair Cowls Available

Silk Mix Cowls Available

Silk blended with cotton or linen make ideal summer accessories. Try one of these stunning summery cowls to enhance your outfit.

Patterns & Knitting Kits

Cowls are pretty easy to knit and therefore make great beginner projects. Their small size means they can often be completed using just one skein of yarn. I have a number of cowl patterns and knitting kits in store.