Scarves /Snoods / Cowls - The Feminine Touch Designs

In store I have a mixture of hand knitted scarves in a mixture of yarns for a mixture of seasons and a mixture of occasions.

  • Mohair / Silks for finer-wear and evening's out
  • Cotton and linen for summer evenings, cooler times and the in-between of seasons
  • Luxurious wool and Angora for the autumn and winter
  • Plus of course the cheaper, easy to look after acrylic scarves

If the scarf or variation of (ie the cowl or snood) is a pleasure you have overlooked, forgotten, or somehow had trouble embracing.... here I offer you an invitation to adopt this beautiful addition to your accessorising, start to feel the warmth, embrace the passion of wearing, and set yourself apart.

It is the ultimate layering garment, adding colour, texture, pattern and warmth to any outfit.