The Collections

I tend to work on new collections of work every month or so. It will depend on the coming season; what yarns I have in stock (or more likely what yarn's I have spotted in my local yarns shops and I am dying to have a play with) and what knitting techniques I want to learn or improve upon.

I can get pretty obsessed with a particular technique, as I did with mosaic colourwork, so you will see a lot of patterns and finished articles using this technique. I also get obsessed with pretty yarns. For example I have always loved Rowan's Kid Silk Haze and their Cocoon yarns, so you will find my work incorporates these yarns a lot of the time.

I am currently working on my new collection of luxury knitting kits using un dyed yarns.

I will also be bringing together a new range of winter knitwear as well as adding to my existing Winter collection (hats , cowls, gloves and scarves) as well as working on Christmas decorations.

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