Slip Stitch Colourwork

Slip Stitch Colourwork

  Slipping stitches whilst you work enables you to create some wonderful colourful knits. 

Mosaic Knitting 

The term mosaic knitting was coined by Barbara Walker and described in a 1976 book devoted to the technique.  I reviewed this book on my blog last year. Since then I've been practicing like mad, getting to grips not just with slipping stitches but with designing my own mosaic patterns.  

Mosaic knitting is one of those techniques that is easier than it looks. In mosaic knitting, you alternate between two rows of a darker and a lighter color, but instead of working every stitch in the row, some stitches are slipped.  It creates an angular, geometric pattern to your work. Not everyone's favourite I know but  I found that mosaic knitting was easy, fast, and fun to do. 

My own mosaic designs utilise those angular designs to create something more decorative. Check out the flowers in my flower power cushion or the Christmas trees in my Christmas Cushion. 

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