Wild About Wool

Join Sandra in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield

Where she is working with Gill Bond on the Wild About Wool project.

Wild About Wool 

Is a project that celebrates and profiles WOOL CRAFTS through regular sharing sessions; skills workshops and pop-up yarn events. It is based at The Watershed in Slaithwaite (Sandra's village) and curated by Gill Bond of Satellite Arts. 

Gill’s main job is as a community artist based at The Watershed. In 2011 she ran a Heritage project that explored the history of domestic wool crafts, and from there a band of knitters was established, meeting weekly to share and develop skills in knitting crochet and felting.

Knitty Gritty Weekly Sessions.  This is a gathering of like-minded wool-crafters all with unique experiences of making with wool. We share our projects getting support, guidance and ideas from each other….and of course, we chat! Every Tuesday 7-9pm at The Watershed. Cost: £3.50 (includes refreshments)

  Gill says: ‘I love making stuff in wool – it’s my pleasure. I love making unique things to wear and use. I love trying new techniques and patterns choosing yarn and mixing colours. I love having projects ‘on the go’ – it’s my therapy – makes me happy, challenged, motivated and is good for the soul (especially when unpicking!)   

This new Wild About Wool programme creates an accessible local resource to support wool crafters and promote the joys of making stuff in that wonderful material that is, WOOL!’

All Wild About Wool programmes take place at The Watershed in Bridge Street, Slaithwaite. The Watershed is a unique and inspiring creation space in the heart of a vibrant village. 

All workshops require a basic knowledge of knitting and are designed to enhance your skills at whatever level you are. 


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